Professional, dedicated, and loving: these words speak volumes about the staff at Preschool of the Arts. Equipped with years of study and professional experience, our staff strives to continuously respond to the individual needs of each child. Employing cutting-edge methodology and liberal doses of warm and loving care is our successful formula for happy children who are constantly learning.

Head of School
Ettie Zaklos
Founder and Director
Kim Jones
Office of Admissions and Accounts Receivables
Jennifer Cashman
Executive Assistant to the Director
Head of Security
Caitlyn Jansen
Dennis Harris
Head of Security
Lead Teachers
Antonia Jordan
Teacher of Cheery Chagall
11-18  months
Marcia Zuccarello
Teacher of Tiny Da Vinci
18-24 months
Astrid Rivarola
Teacher of Mini Morisot
2 - 3 year old's
Jeannine Rivera
Teacher of Mini Monet
2-3 year old's
Leslie Wilkinson
Teacher of Cute Cassatt
3 - 4 year old's
Dawn Tice
Teacher of Little Van Gogh
3 - 4 year old's
Samantha Lewandowski
Teacher of Pre-K Picasso
4 - 5 year old's
Christy Brown
Teacher of Pre-K Pollock
4 - 5 year old's
Lena Audy
Teacher's Assistant
Teacher's Assistants       
Maria Suarez de Arruba
Teacher's Assistant
Marjeta Halitaj
Teacher's Assistant
Ally Rivarola
Teacher's Assistant
Specials Instructors

Andrea Compton


Glen Beitman

Preschool Chef

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