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Reggio-Inspired Philosophy


Preschool of the Arts’ educational approach is heavily influenced by Reggio-Emilia theory. This approach views children as competent, resourceful, curious, imaginative, and inventive, who possess a desire to interact and communicate with others.


The Reggio vision of the child as a competent learner has produced a strong child-directed curriculum model. Skilled teachers seize upon children’s innate curiosity and sense of wonder through careful observation and documentation of their play. As teachers discern what inspires children, they develop an emergent curriculum that targets their interests while ensuring that each child is progressing in their physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development. This inquiry-based approach allows children to steer their own learning.


The Reggio approach has a strong belief that children learn through interaction with others, including parents, staff and peers in a friendly learning environment. We strongly believe that the environment is the third teacher and promote classrooms and nature-based environments that are conducive to and inspire learning. When it comes to creativity and art, our teachers emphasize the process over the product, and view hands-on experiences as a way of engaging in dialogue that follows the strong and rich vision of the child. In all of these settings, documentation is explored as a means of promoting parent and teacher understanding of children's learning and development.


Character Development

Character development is an essential component of our program and is part of both the written and unwritten curriculum. Teachers extend themselves to help children understand and manage their feelings, teach friendship skills, promote cooperation, and strive to create a caring classroom that values and supports every child. Our school environment encourages kindness, respect, compassion, confidence, and responsibility.

School Readiness and
Literacy Skills

POTA students are given ample opportunities to grow and gain the necessary cognitive, language and literacy skills needed for future success. Encouraging literacy and a love for reading and learning is a priority. Teachers strive to spend 30 minutes daily reading to children. Once a week, children will receive 10-15 minutes of one-on-one time focusing on each child’s learning priorities.

Values and Traditions

At Preschool of the Arts, we integrate Judaic history, culture, and tradition with a broad spectrum of academic content including science, math, social studies, literacy, and the arts. The Jewish values of kindness, appreciation for our world, and respect for all are thoughtfully woven into every aspect of the classroom throughout the day. Our children meaningfully and joyfully participate in Jewish holiday celebrations. In a cherished weekly ritual, our community welcomes Shabbat each Friday by baking challah and singing joyous Shabbat songs.

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