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Young Toddler Class
Ages 12-19 months

It is baby’s first precious preschool adventure! The toddler years are such an exciting time in the lives of the children as they develop from dependent infants to independent little individuals with their own personalities and interests.

Preschool of the Arts is excited to expand our program to welcome toddlers ages 12 months and up in a new, specially designed program for developing toddlers. Under the guidance of our expert caregivers, babies share engaging developmental experiences through music and movement and many sensory experiences.

Our individualized, child-focused curriculum is specially designed to cater to the unique needs of children ages 12-19 months. At this tender age, our goal is to transition the children from the comfort of their homes to a warm and loving preschool setting where they can expand their young worlds with stimulating and enriching experiences.

Parents and toddlers will love the individualized attention provided by an extraordinary staff who promotes social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development through nurturing supervision. The beautiful classrooms were designed to reflect the home environment and every detail is there to facilitate the ideal launching pad for the future of the children’s lifelong learning journey.


Our five-day program is designed to support working parents and creates consistency and continuity in these young children’s routine. Our youngest students come in as babies and grow into confident, creative, curious, and imaginative toddlers.

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