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Garden of the Arts
Enhancement Project


The Tiny Seed to Table project provides experiential and culinary education for our students through a sustainable garden and outdoor kitchen. Support goes directly to funding and enhancing our preschool's gardening education. Children will plant, harvest, and prepare fresh produce-based snacks, right here at POTA!

Help our children’s

community garden grow!

How Does Our Garden Grow?

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Children will plant seeds and nurture their plants, watering, weeding, and mulching as they watch the buds blossom. 

At harvest time, children will gather the produce and use the fresh ingredients to prepare a variety of healthful and delicious meals and snacks.

Scraps from the kitchen will go into POTA’s compost bins, where they become the soil for next year’s seeds, ensuring sustainable growth for years to come.



Preschool of the Arts’ Tiny Seed to Table project will teach our children how to prepare healthy soil to grow healthy plants to produce healthy food to make healthy people to build a healthy community!

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