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About Us


Preschool of the Arts is a creative, progressive, Reggio-inspired early childhood center. Our purpose is to provide our students with the highest quality education in a secure, loving, and stimulating environment. At Preschool of the Arts, we create a warm, enriching, and nurturing early childhood environment to imbue our children with the foundation they need to mature socially, emotionally, and cognitively. Our unique curriculum and our carefully selected and skilled faculty bring passion, dedication, and a broad depth of knowledge to the work that they do every day.

We place a strong emphasis on creating an aesthetically pleasing and invigorating environment, inspired by nature and the cultural arts. Our indoor and outdoor classrooms, art studios, garden, playground, and dramatic play center promote children’s learning through hands-on experiences and opportunities for multi-sensory exploration and discovery. Our foundational principle is a deep respect for children - viewing them as strong, competent learners who have much to contribute to the world around them.  

Mission Statement 

At Preschool of the Arts we:

  • Offer a warm, enriching and nurturing early childhood learning environment

  • Guide children on their life-long journey of growth and discovery

  • Accept that children learn and progress at different levels and times in their lives.

  • Educate the whole child as they mature socially, emotionally, and cognitively in an approach inspired by the early childhood philosophies and research of Reggio Emilia educators and NAEYC.

  • Promote a progressive approach that encourages children's learning through hands-on experiences and opportunities for multi-sensory exploration and discovery

  • Provide a quality education that is investigative and reflective with a safety net for risk-taking and self-actualization

  • Provide experiences for children that will inspire respect, independence, high self-esteem, kindness, and love

  • Cultivate a love of the arts through a well-balanced holistic program, providing many outlets for creativity and self-expression

  • Explore and celebrate the wonder of children’s Jewish and American heritages, culture and values

  • Work collaboratively with parents and professional educators to realize our students’ potential

FLDCFS License: C20CO0076


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