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of the Arts

The creative arts support the emotional well-being of children, allowing young children to reflect on gratitude and joy. Our fine arts program engages the children in open-ended experiences that inspire their creativity and ignite their sense of wonder about the world.

Preschool of the Arts’ NEW indoor and outdoor Studios of the Arts unleashes our children’s imaginations, ensuring a stronger, more confident future.

Our art studio is where children are introduced to the pleasures of art. The beautiful and fully equipped art studio offers children a wide variety of natural materials and high-end art tools. With tons of natural light, our children are encouraged to use our professional art materials to get creative in this space curated to spark curiosity and exploration. Our dedicated art instructors guide children as they explore different mediums and discover different artists and artistic styles.

In POTA’s indoor and outdoor Studios of the Arts, children will…

  • Enjoy open-ended artistic experiences

  • Utilize inspiring natural materials

  • Engage in hands-on learning

  • Express themselves and develop social-emotional skills

  • Celebrate their creativity in a fun, exploratory way

  • Acquire self-esteem when given varied opportunities to create

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