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of the Arts

Garden of the Arts

At Preschool of the Arts, we believe in teaching our children about the world around us, our responsibility to the environment, and our connection with nature. The environment, also known as the "third teacher," plays a crucial role in the learning experience of children. Our professionally landscaped Garden of the Arts is a natural outdoor space that lets children play an active role in planting our vegetable and sensory garden.

Throughout the year, with the support of their teachers and botany specialists, the children plant seasonal plants, herbs and fruits and work diligently to maintain the garden’s beauty and vitality. Tending our garden fosters responsibility, as well as children’s feelings of competency, self-esteem and pride. POTA’s botany expert works to make outdoor exploration time an extended sensory and learning process through integrative art and science projects as children observe, discover, experiment, nurture and learn. Additionally, the garden area provides the optimal setting for engaging lessons pertaining to nature and the environment.

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