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The POTA Children’s Marketplace is an engaging dramatic play center where children practice a multitude of skills in a true-to-life setting.


The first of its kind in a local preschool setting, the cutting-edge educational learning center allows children to explore and practice a multitude of concepts and skills in a safe, real life setting. The fully conceptualized play market is a shared space on campus where the children enjoy the shopping experience while building important school readiness skills.


The dramatic play center changes every season from a Farmer's Market to Hardware Store, to a Post Office, Flower Shop and more! Throughout the year, children engage in these make-shift markets and build important school readiness skills that will set them up for future academic success!


Giving our children responsibility in this endeavor is crucial and our 3 and 4-year-old classes alternate taking charge of setting up the market. The children also rotate jobs at the market during their play times, practicing being a cashier, shelf stocker, bagger, basket retriever, manager and more. Our carefully chosen real-life and play materials give students the perfect opportunity to learn the art of counting, sorting, matching and other pre-math skills. Other skills include expanding their vocabulary by developing speaking and listening skills, building attention span, cooperating and problem solving with peers and expanding the children’s capacity for imagining and thinking symbolically. All of these skills are setting our students up for success in future years as eager and confident learners!

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