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Curriculum: The Preschool of the Arts curriculum is based on Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences. This theory has been reviewed by educational professionals and tested in some of the most successful toddler and preschool programs in the United States.

The objective of the curriculum is to provide proven activities that enhance social and emotional skills, foster independence, create a love for learning and ready the children for higher learning. Units incorporate a range of sensory, educational and developmentally appropriate activities that integrate Jewish values with the development of secular skills.

The following are the intelligences to which we expose the children. Each theme will be taught in various ways to enable each child to reach his or her highest potential.

Our teachers utilize the Florida School Readiness Performance Standards to prepare weekly lesson plans that include age-appropriate activities that encourage and support children’s physical health, social and emotional skills, language, literacy and communication skills, gross and fine motor skills, interest in nature and science and cognitive development. In addition, guidelines set out in The Creative Curriculum for toddlers and preschoolers is followed and implemented in our classrooms. Numerous skills are developed when children are “playing” in learning centers. Judaic themes and holidays are also incorporated. A weekly lesson plan is posted in each classroom. Parents are encouraged to review the posted lesson plans.

Reggio-Inspired Philosophy

Preschool of the Arts’ educational approach is heavily influenced by Reggio-Emilia theory. This approach requires children to be seen as competent, resourceful, curious, imaginative, and inventive, and possess a desire to interact and communicate with others.

The 'Reggio' vision of the child as a competent learner has produced a strong child-directed curriculum model. The curriculum has very purposeful progression. Teachers are inspired by the children's interests in developing their curriculum. The Reggio approach has a strong belief that children learn through interaction with others, including parents, staff and peers in a friendly learning environment.

Preschool of the Arts is inspired by the Reggio approach to place a significant focus on each child, and our teachers validate and enhance their lessons based on the children’s interests. We strongly believe that the environment is the third teacher and promote an environment with plenty of natural materials that is conducive to and inspires learning. When it comes to creativity and art, our teachers emphasize the process over the product, and view hands-on experiences as a way of engaging in dialogue that follows the strong and rich vision of the child. In all of these settings, documentation is explored as a means of promoting parent and teacher understanding of children's learning and development, as well as a strong focus on social and emotional development.

Sample Schedule:

  • Welcome

  • Circle Time

  • Discovery Centers

  • Snack

  • Specials (Music, Art, Yoga, etc. led by certified instructors)

  • Gym/Outdoor Time

  • Theme Activity – Methods of Inquiry

  • (Arts and Crafts/Baking, Science/Math)

  • Lunch

  • Rest Time/Story Time

  • Discovery Centers

  • Dialogue and Reflection/Good-byes

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