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Completion of a Successful Preschool Year!

The summer transitions us from the completion of a successful academic preschool year to new and exciting summer adventures. At the end of May, we celebrated the hard-won accomplishments of our Pre-K graduates as we celebrated their growth throughout the years in our preschool. It is always a complete joy to watch how the once tiny toddlers have become capable and school-ready children! Throughout this past year, our dear children have discovered so many new aspects of the world around them and gained a multitude of skills and knowledge through exploration and play that will serve them well on their lifelong journey of learning.

This year, our Class of 2018 and the rest of the POTA 2018 family gifted our school a beautiful Garden Wall, a new vertical garden installation in our Garden of the Arts. This interactive project, which was spearheaded by our parents was a very meaningful experience for the children who got to participate in planting the garden and designing the permanent installation that acts as a memento of their time at school. We hope this magnificent initiative will be an ongoing school project that will hopefully be enjoyed for years to come.

It is hard to believe that our incredible preschool has just completed its seventh school year. As I walk through the halls of our beautiful and expansive campus and hear the sounds of children learning and laughing, I think back to when this entire endeavor was just a dream. Since I started my career as an educator I had a dream to be part of a school in which children come first and where there is recognition of the power of the early childhood years. I envisioned a collaborative learning environment where progressive teaching techniques and Jewish values could meld together in a perfect symbiosis. Still, I never dared imagine the overwhelming success that is the reality of Preschool of the Arts today.

From our humble beginnings when just my own two daughters were enrolled in the preschool, to its small but steady growth, I have watched this school blossom before my eyes. In the early years our “large” events took place in a single preschool classroom that fit the entire school. Today, our school events, Thank G-d, require an oversize social hall, and we have over 100 students enrolled in our program with consistently full waitlists.

At Preschool of the Arts we believe artistic expression is a constant process that begins with our youngest learners and explorers and is deepened and refined as they form relationships and connections with their world. Each step is part of a larger story or narrative that defines the individual and collective members of our community. Our unique custom-tailored, child-centered curriculum allows children to emerge as independent thinkers with the ability to stretch their minds.

Our preschool environment is one that fosters questions, provokes curiosity and stimulates intellectual growth. The outdoor Garden of the Arts, culinary arts and science programs all encourage natural curiosities, while our yoga, music and gym instructors enhance our fine arts curriculum. Each child’s journey has endless possibilities and applications well beyond the walls, spaces and environments that define Preschool of Arts.

Enrollment is almost full for Preschool of the Arts 2018-2019, as well as our acclaimed Summer of the Arts programs. We are honored by the overwhelming response and encourage prospective applicants to register before all our spaces are filled. We are all excited at the prospect of another fulfilling and growth-filled year at Preschool of the Arts. On to bigger and better!

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