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  • Ettie Zaklos

Reflections and an Exciting Future!

Though it comes right in the middle of our academic year, the New Year always brings a sense of reflection and renewal. It is during this time that we redouble our efforts to make sure that the families in our preschool community are truly getting the most they possibly can from our quality programming. As a director, the fresh start allows me to look back on the unique transition from what was to what will be. We at Preschool of the Arts are thrilled to be part of what will be for our families and students as we enter the next phase of our students’ educational journeys.

It is hard to believe that our incredible preschool is nearly seven years old. As I walk through the halls of our beautiful and expansive campus and hear the sounds of children learning and laughing, I reflect on how Preschool of the Arts has been a blessing for the Naples community. We have managed to create a welcoming, warm environment where the children and their young parents can experience joyful Judaism and learning during their most formative years.

I also reflect on my tremendous gratitude to the devoted and talented staff who make this preschool a reality. It truly takes a village! From our nurturing and professional teachers to our specialists in art, gardening, music, gym and more, to the support staff who work so diligently behind the scenes – our office staff, security guard, on-site staff, our maintenance staff – each one plays a critical role in building a supportive environment where the children can thrive. And of course, our supportive parents who go above and beyond in giving back to our school and the precious children who fill our campus each day with their love, their inquisitiveness and their unbridled joy. These are the people who created this vibrant and growing community!

Our community of engaged and connected families support us every step of the way and always rise to the occasion to make our programs and events successful. This year, our community-wide Chanukah “Glow” festival in Cambier Park was a huge hit and our biggest turnout ever! Preschool students performed a medley of Chanukah and Light themed songs to a grand audience and the entire community enjoyed a fun filled day of glow-themed activities, rides, delicious treats, and fun topped off by a grand Glow-in-the-Dark Menorah Lighting!

Thank you to the Jewish federation for supporting Preschool of the Arts! We are grateful and humbled by your continued support and care of our beloved school.

It is an honor to direct the school as we reach new milestones. We recently surpassed 100 enrolled students and our classes are filling up faster than ever for the coming school year. It is parents and stakeholders who whole-heartedly believe in our school’s mission that drive our tremendous growth.

I feel blessed by the positive feedback and interest in our preschool as we continue to strive for excellence. I invite you to come in for a school tour and experience the magic of Preschool of the Arts and our state-of-the-art campus for yourself. Enrollment is now open (and quickly filling up!) for Preschool of the Arts 2018-2019, as well as our acclaimed Summer of the Arts programs. We are honored by the overwhelming response and encourage prospective applicants to register before all our spaces are filled. We are all excited at the prospects of another fulfilling and growth-filled year at Preschool of the Arts. On to bigger and better!

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