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  • Ettie Zaklos

Another Great Beginning!

Our Summer of the Arts program was bigger and better than ever this year, providing the ultimate Jewish summer experience for over 300 young Neapolitans aged 18 months to 10 years. Offering a treasure trove of custom-tailored activities, both classic and innovative, the one-of-a-kind program allowed campers to experience summer the way it should be: exciting, relaxing, eye-opening, and forever a source of childhood’s best memories.

Designed to act like dozens of specialty camps rolled into one, our programs offered sports, yoga, music, art, baking, gymnastics, science, swimming, trips and more all taught by professional instructors. Children also enjoyed enriching creative arts and educational themes in a safe, multi-sensory, and Jewish-spirited setting. The campers were often too busy having fun to notice, yet alongside the fun and games they were also learning a tremendous amount of different academic and social skills and a wealth of knowledge about Jewish culture.

As we look back on another very successful summer, we feel privileged to have witnessed Summer of the Arts fulfill its mission: to seamlessly create a dream summer of arts, athletics, adventure, and friendship, all within a Jewish framework. Campers learned how to dream, plan, and create, developing lasting friendships with their Jewish peers.

As we approach the new school year, we are not satisfied to rest on our laurels. Every year, we seek out innovative, new tools and solutions to make our students’ early childhood experience even better. Our staff and teachers undergo intensive professional training and development during the summer, facilitated by a team of expert educators. We also do an extensive internal evaluation, to seek out ways we can improve and enhance our program. We are cognizant of how formative these important years are to a child’s development, and are invested in giving our children the best of the best.

With the school year about to begin, we are thrilled to share that we will be introducing the first ever Cheery Chagall class, where we will be able to give young babies a bright beginning to their educational journey! Our school has developed a top-notch program for encouraging young toddlers’ learning through hands-on experiences and opportunities for multi-sensory exploration. This new, expertly designed program for tiny tots and busy toddlers will be the perfect first transition for young children as they enter our warm and loving preschool setting, where they will be able to expand their young worlds with stimulating and enriching experiences.

This new addition to our already extensive early childhood program offers an individualized, child-focused curriculum that caters to the unique needs of children ages 12-18 months. Our carefully selected, passionate and nurturing early childhood educators have created a wonderful environment where young toddlers can thrive. The beautiful, renovated classroom reflects the home environment and every detail is there to facilitate the ideal launching pad for the future of the children’s lifelong learning journey. Our ultimate goal is for the children to emerge as independent and curious thinkers. We are very excited about the upcoming school year and anticipate a journey filled with academic and creative growth and discovery!

Our innovative programs and incredible staff are an open Naples secret, and our award-winning preschool is growing exponentially every year. Classes have almost reached capacity enrollment for the 2017-2018 school year. With high demand and limited availability, we encourage prospective families to enroll today! For more information or to register, please call (239) 263-2620.

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