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Summer of the Arts

At Chabad Naples, the sweet sounds, tastes and smells of summer mean that Summer of the Arts is in full swing! This year, we are proud to welcome over two hundred children to our two acclaimed camp programs. Year after year, our theme-based summer camp programs have been a tremendous hit with both parents and kids. This year’s theme is “Summer in Adventureland” where for six weeks, campers are enjoying the adventure of a lifetime!

This year’s themes are taking campers through the incredible and exciting worlds of the imagination as we explore jungle and rainforests, “travel” to times and places far, far away, and explore the beautiful world around us in new and creative ways. The fun never stops, as our campers delve into sports, art, science, baking, trips and waterplay, with new and exciting discoveries awaiting them at every turn. The themes of each session are tied into every special program and activity, immersing the children in a fun, holistic, interactive experience that will excite and delight every camper.

In our Minors program, specially designed by early-childhood educators to provide a fun-filled summer camp environment for our youngest campers, children are introduced to the delights of exotic locales, futuristic technology and the wonders of nature through exciting activities tied to each session’s theme. Meanwhile, our elementary-aged campers enjoy hours of excitement and activity as they set out on a world of adventure, field trips, swimming, woodworking, music and drama theater, and more!

At Summer of the Arts, we take our responsibility to ensure that our campers’ physical and spiritual needs are met seriously, and strive to create a stronger, more vibrant, young Jewish community to foster and strengthen the connection between young Jews in Naples. As always, our packed programming comes with specialized instructors and exciting activities like creative and culinary arts, science, professional crafts and more! It is truly like dozens of specialty camps rolled into one expertly packaged, Jewish-spirited setting.

Indeed, our camp has proven so popular that we have had to open a new classroom this summer – the Cheery Chagall class, to accommodate our growing student population. This renovated classroom will welcome our newest and youngest class this fall with a brand-new Preschool of the Arts class for young toddlers ages 12+ months. This summer, our award-winning preschool is also gearing up for our seventh school year, with more classes than ever before! With more than half a decade of experience under our belts, we still maintain the same excitement and delight that we started with, in serving our families and children’s needs and creating the best possible environment for preschoolers to thrive.

We are pleased to offer a top quality early childhood education to Naples children with abundant specialties, a healthy snacks and lunch program in a beautiful facility with a state-of-the-art playground. With these acclaimed programs, we are honored to make an extraordinary impact on the children in our community. If you would like to join our Preschool of the Arts family, hurry to enroll today, as most of our classes are wait list only. Don’t delay – join our community today and take the first steps into your child’s lifelong educational journey! Call 263-2620 or email us at

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