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Chicks Hatching, Creativity, and Appreciation!

From the Desk of the Director

Spring is the perfect time at Preschool of the Arts to learn about baby animals. The children at Preschool of the Arts participated in a chick-hatching project. We were treated to a wonderful surprise when we were greeted by little baby chicks. We are excited to share that for the first time we have had a perfect hatching SUCCESS! All seven of our chicks hatched. This is the first time in POTA history that our preschool hatching project had a 100% success rate!

The seven chicks were all from different eggs, so we got to observe the immediate differences of the diverse kinds of chickens. The students were fascinated as they witnessed the aftermath of the hatching and were very much like mother hens as they excitedly stopped by the following morning to check on their “babies”. The children were completely enraptured watching the chicks start to peck around and walk. The chicks seemed just as interested in the children, as they’d often come to the edge of their box to peep on the children.

Throughout the past month, the children have been able to learn all about hatching chicks and were very involved and excited by the process, counting down in anticipation to hatch day. To be honest – so was I! Over the course of the waiting period, the children were able to observe the eggs in the incubator and learn about the cycle of life. They also participated in “candling” experiments, which allowed them to take a peek at the chicks’ progress inside the eggs. Each of the classroom teachers incorporated many learning activities, in every subject, related to our chick-themed curriculum.

Watching the chicks hatch was a real, meaningful, and fun learning process for both teachers and students alike. It exemplified our hands-on, experiential model of teaching that allows children to interact and experience their learning in a holistic environment. The students walk away with a new understanding that they can learn a lot about the animals, plants, and other worldly things around them simply by observing and exploring. This fosters important scientific values, as well as a love of animals and a responsibility to care for our ecosystem. It has been an incredible valuable educational tool and we are sure our students will have great memories of this phenomenal learning experience for many years to come.

Watching the eggs hatch into adorable little chicks felt symbolic, in a way, of the feeling I get as the end of the year approaches, of seeing the children blossom into such wonderful individuals. The children are all showing healthy signs of being ready for the next step in their educational journey.

May is a very busy, exciting and meaningful time at Preschool of the Arts as our school year draws to a close. Over the course of the year we have watched our children develop socially, emotionally, and academically under the gentle and loving guidance of their teachers. We have observed the children exercising the most important precepts of the Torah, namely the respect and kindness toward others. The children leave our school more confident; self-aware, compassionate and armed with the unique skills and experiences that will prepare them to embark on successful and fulfilling lives outside our walls.

Throughout the month, we will enjoy wonderful end of year celebrations, giving us time to reflect on the children’s growth and acknowledge all those in our community who have helped our children along the way. Each class’ end of year ceremony is a meaningful way for us to look back on how much the children have accomplished and their incredible transformation over the past year. This is culminated on May 26 with our Pre-K Graduation, as the students we have nurtured for four years set off on the next stage of their educational journey.

Throughout the year, we have always strived to stay true to the progressive approach to early childhood education that we have espoused- one that respects children as individuals, works to bring out the best in them, and fosters in them independence, curiosity and a strong zest for life. With inspiration taken from the Reggio approach, we have treated our environment with care and respect, understanding how a pleasing and beautiful environment can positively impact children’s daily experience. We filled our beautiful facility with learning and laughter and play, as children blossomed to their full potential.

Albert Einstein once said that imagination is more important than knowledge. At Preschool of the Arts, our children have been set free to be curious, imaginative and creative. Curiosity was fostered by instilling confidence to try things out. Imagination was inspired by encouraging the children to set their minds free in a positive environment. And creativity was developed as the children explored ways to make sense of their imaginative ideas and play with the ideas to see what works. These skills are skills we hope all our students take with them for the rest of their lives.

The end of the year is also a time for gratitude and appreciation. Preschool of the Arts is so thankful to the amazing parents who have shared their precious children with us this year, and entrusted them in our care. It brings us complete joy to watch the children grow, learn, and develop into capable, communicative children! We are honored to be a part of these children’s formative early childhood years.

We are also indebted to our incredible staff who are at the heart and soul of what we do. Our POTA teachers hold the children’s hand and guide them through their earliest foray into school, while our support staff creates a loving and professional environment where our entire community can thrive. It is humbling privilege to be a part in creating a community that is truly building the future.

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Preschool of the Arts registration

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