We are so thrilled that our young children are experiencing the joy of Preschool of the Arts as we begin their educational journey. The school is Naples best with dedicated, loyal and loving staff who ensure the safest, most nurturing environment in which our children have thrived, developmentally, emotionally and physically — all without screens! Our four-year-old and three-year-old are over the moon each day for their exciting adventures at POTA. They are learning so much while having the absolute best time. Executing Summer of the Arts during COVID, the school’s protocols so mindfully set and diligently adhered to. We are so fortunate on this and many levels to be a part of this community.

The Forster Family

Preschool of the Arts (and currently, Summer of the Arts) is always top notch. There aren't many places that I would send my kids to during a pandemic, but I knew SOTA would take all necessary precautions while still ensuring my girls had a blast. I highly recommend this camp to anyone in the Naples area.

Rebeca Linz

We have loved our time at Naples Preschool of the Arts these past 4 years! Ettie and her staff continue to amaze us each year and have far exceeded our expectations. Thank you for the love and guidance you have shown through these unprecedented times. We are so lucky to have you in our community. 

The Lyon Family

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to Preschool of the Arts (POTA) and Chabad of Naples for caring for our precious children.

Three years ago the school decided to add on to its existing program and offer a 1 year old classroom.  Julia was just shy of 11 months and after touring the school we enthusiastically said WE'RE THERE!  And boy did we mean it.  While we worked, baby Julia held down the POTA fort for all the extended hours they offered.  She thrived with Jennifer, Varon, Jeannine, Miranda, Marjeta, and all the other teachers who cared for her.  The icing on the cake was that each summer Jimmy got to join her for Summer of the Arts (SOTA) and had an absolute blast, first with Leslie and Astrid, and then two summers with Sam.

We had already signed up both children for summer camp when Covid-19 struck.  We were beyond grateful that Ettie and her team jumped into action, completely redesigning the summer camp so that our children could attend with additional safety measures.  Every family is unique and has to make the decisions that are right for them at this challenging time.  SOTA was the best decision for our family, so we called Ettie and said if they open WE'RE THERE!

Now we've come to the end of our children's time at POTA and are reflecting.  The reason we love it there is because the LOVE OF

G-D IS THERE.  It's in the way the teachers love our children like they are family, it's in the contemplative and detailed way the program is orchestrated, it's in the confidence they have in our very young children to be able to learn, it's in the joy that permeates every activity both big and small, and it's in the faithful routines which foster our children's spirituality.  Our Christian family was warmly welcomed and we have enjoyed experiencing the Jewish faith in action, especially as it is the foundation of our own beliefs.  I pray that even in difficult times G-d's blessings shine on Chabad of Naples, POTA, and the children in their care.

The Andersen Family

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