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Preschool of the Arts is proud to be the first - and only - preschool in Colllier County to be certified green by the Eco-Healthy Child Care (EHCC) program.  EHCC is a national program that seeks to improve the environmental health of children by partnering with childcare professionals to eliminate or reduce environmental health hazards found in childcare facilities.  We are proud to provide an enviroment that is safe, healthy and green.  Some of the EHCC requirements we adhere to:

  • We wash all fruits and vegetables to avoid possible exposure to pesticides.
  • We do not permit smoking anywhere on the campus.
  • We use unscented, biodegradable, non-toxic cleaning products and least-toxic disinfecting and sanitizing products.
  • We use chlorine bleach only when and where it is required or recommended by state and local authorities.  We use it prudently and never use more than necessary.
  • We use only low-VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) household paints and do not paint when children are present.
  • We use lead-safe practices when painting or renovating our facility.
  • We use digital thermometers, not mercury-containing thermometers or thermostats.
  • Classroom furniture is made of solid wood or low-VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) products, with few items made of particleboard.
  • Area rugs are vacuumed daily and cleaned at least twice a year and as needed using biodegradable cleaners.
  • We use only non-toxic art supplies approved by the Art and Creative Materials Institute (ACMI).
  • We recycle all paper, cardboard, glass, aluminum and plastic bottles.
  • We keep our garbage covered at all times to avoid attracting pests and to minimize odors.



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